Taiwan Aid

On behalf of the people and government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen donated a humanitarian relief fund and medical materials worth the value of 350,000 BZD to Belize Mayors' Association, including $200,000 BZD to support the food and relief programs, 90,000 Made-in-Taiwan surgical masks & 150 forehead thermometers to the nine City and Town Councils in Belize to protect their staff and citizens while delivering and receiving services in local communities and to assist those people in urgent need for help.

“Si todos ponemos un granito de arena, ganaremos definitivamente esta batalla”, Ambassador said in his remarks. Taiwan will continue to work with Belize tirelessly to overcome the challenges ahead, and to protect the Belizean people from being hit by the severe impact of COVID-19 pandemic with strong determination and efforts.

Ambassador Chen also took this opportunity to salute the Mayors and the great teams for their dedication and sacrifice in safeguarding the good diligent Belizean people and leading us forward toward a brighter future under such difficult circumstances. Corozal Town Council

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