COVID-19, Corozal Town Prepares

For Corozal Hospital info on Facebook, Corozal Community Hospital
For MOH info on Facebook, Ministry of Health Belize
For MOH info on COVID-19, email
Or call 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-2273).
If you have symptoms in the Corozal District, call 625-6667 or 660-1115
Note: Many businesses and services are closed or restricted temporarily due to COVID-19. It’s best to call ahead to check, if possible.

This page is being built to focus on efforts to deal with the COVID-19 virus, especially by Belize and Corozal.

Government of Belize Enacts Quarantine Order for Entire Country

General quarantine, including limiting gatherings to 10 persons or less with at least 3 feet of distance between persons, social distancing, bus seating and sanitizing, closure of casinos, gambling establishments, spas, beauty salons, barber shops, gyms, sporting complexes, discotheques, bars, nite clubs, and restaurants and similar establishments (except take out). For full details, click on the small image or the title above. Or see Government of Belize Press Office.

CCH Important Notice to the Public

On 24 March the Corozal Community Hospital released this very tall image with important information for Corozaleños regarding their services during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, Facebook scaled it so small it was very difficult to read. We transcribed it into text that is much easier to read. Click on the small image or the title above to read the text, there is also a link there to the original post if you want to compare.

Ministry Issues Warning Against the Use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

Several countries including Nigeria and the United States have reported chloroquine poisonings as a result of self-medication. Please be advised that both drugs have been linked to electrocardiogram changes which can be detrimental, especially in patients with pre-existing heart conditions. Side effects include liver injury and eye damage among others. See Government of Belize Press Office.

Bazaar Cancelled

The Municipal Bazaar scheduled for Friday 27th March has been cancelled in keeping with the recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19

Contact Numbers for COVID-19

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, contact your care provider immediately at 0-800-MOH-CARE. In Corozal you can also call 625-6667 or 660-1115.

Easter Bash Cancelled

The Easter Bash scheduled for Saturday 11th April and Sunday 12th April has been cancelled in keeping with the recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19

Safety Measures and Notices

Click on the small image for a larger view of the special procedures for conducting business at the Town Hall to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Public Notice, Chinese Community

The Chinese Community has agreed to close their iron doors at 6pm, but will still be selling through them until 9pm. The Town Council will be working with the Business Community and Police to insure your continued safety.

GOB Clarifies Municipal Curfew and Entry Ban

The public is advised that only the Government of Belize can restrict the movement of Belizeans within Belize. Unless such restriction is enacted by the Government, municipal bodies should refrain from doing so. Also note that it is not within the purview of any municipality to institute a mandatory curfew. This can only be done by the GOB. The Government does encourage social distancing and to stay home and avoid unnecessary social interactions.

COVID-19 Liquor License Extension

The granting of "Extensions" for liquor establishments is suspended until further notice. This suspension is aimed at preventing mass gatherings and to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Compliance with Social Distancing Directives

Restaurants, lounges, clubs, bars, markets, supermarkets and all other public spaces are limited to a maximum of 25 persons at any given time. This advisory will be updated as the situation evolves.

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